"Sex, Drugs, & Design: Warriors of the Discotheque" NEW Revised Trailer
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“Sex, Drugs, & Design: Warriors of the Discotheque” NEW Revised Trailer

January 12, 2019

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Ground zero for the entire rave/ecstasy scene, find out more here:

Philippe Starck’s first design in the US, ecstasy was legal, Red Hot Chili Peppers played there, and Rick Squillante was one of the most influential DJ’s ever!


  • Reply Pyper Roe January 12, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    XPACMANXX: The music at Starck was eye-opening and life-changing for me. Without the fabulous tunes there, this small-town Texas girl may never have fallen in love with Depeche Mode and Simple Minds. Thank you so much for turning my college years in a better direction and providing so much joy.

  • Reply XPACMANXX January 12, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    I get frustrated when they say "The Starck Club played Europien music" Fuck yes it did Philippe Krootchey was from France, i was from England, all they had heard before us was country and western and Van Halen. We bought the music, i was the first to play Frankie Goes To Hollywood (relax) and Midnight oil (power and the passion). Depeche mode. Duran Duran, Tears For Fears. But nowhere in these documentaries does it talk about us . Phillipe had a number 1 single in France but …later died from a herion overdose (he is buried close to Jim Morrison). Rick the DJ that came after him loved to play disco music, he would play Donna Summer for 8 hrs if we let him. I once threw his Donna Summer record off the balcony into the dance floor and he did the same with my Bronski Beat record. Great Times, Rick died of Aids , Vall i think was herion.
    Sita and i had a couch put underneath the stairs leading down to the dance floor, we would go down there and smoke a joint blowing the smoke onto the dance floor. 
    Thats what the Stark Club was famous for, being out there and iam honoured to be a part of it, even if those bloody Americans won't acknowledge the fact that it took Europeans to do it.

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