How Women are TRICKED and SCREWED by Common Dating Advice
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How Women are TRICKED and SCREWED by Common Dating Advice

January 12, 2019

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Yeah it *IS* ok to NEED a man. Just not a particular man.

YEAH, you should have casual sex if you want to. Otherwise you end up putting all your eggs in one fuckboi basket and complaining about him to your friends. As opposed to picking 1 from the billions remaining outside your doorstep to pick up his slack.

Yea, some guys are gonna say OH i could NEVER take HER home to my mother. But those guys are frickin lame any way and are gonna screw you over if you want to have an exciting sex life once you’re married with their conservative and shaming views on women’s sexuality.

Needing a guy is natural and you don’t have to work to be completely NEED-less with ZERO affection or intimacy in your life. You just have to be ok with not getting it from the safety of a long term relationship.

YES you need to feel safe enough via a network of men. Not just ONE fwb who can’t understand why you as a woman, with billions of men, at your finger tips are fixated on a loser like him. You must be crazy. Or desperate. And you are desperate. But it’s not your fault.


  • Reply Botha Lissom January 12, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    i think this began as friendly advice coming from stable mature men. when we're under 25 and aspire to have a family of our own, it quickly becomes obvious that most relationship potential can be evaluated outside of the bedroom. i mean, most people know that they are heterosexual and want stable, loving relationships with others that are mentally balanced and appropriately educated.

    the few individuals lacking this mindset will follow their hormones and spread gonorrhoea. the important thing is to recognise that these are two divergent streams of society. we all get along great with our butch lesbian colleague at work. we laugh together and we share a degree of humanity. but when we bid them good evening and go home to our families, it ends.

    hormonal women are going to fuck around. it's a fact. they are natural women searching for natural men. it just so happens that the average educated man would prefer the mother of his kids to keep her hormones in check. keep a dildo under the bed, don't give your man syphilis and don't breed bastardised/orphaned AIDS babies. this is pretty basic stuff.

  • Reply Bakunin January 12, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    All these advice severely downplay the actual BENEFITS of a regular sex life for women, which includes hormonal balance (lower cortisol, increased oxytocin), preventing depression, and feelings of loneliness and alienation (also a product of less oxytocin) which – as a virgin male – I wager is worse for women who don't have a regular sex life because their endocrinology is somewhat stronger (testosterone actually makes you feel better off alone, though regular sex paradoxically raises T levels) and they need the intimacy more.

    And yes, even casual sex can fill that need for women, it's not at all true that women "need" some strong connection (though it helps) with their sexual partner. In Andamanese tribes women would regularly choose some random hunter / warrior of their group to have basically casual sex with, for example. I think the connection they had as both being part of a tight knit tribal group was enough.

    This modern-day prudishness of "don't have sex because you're destroying your value / people won't respect you" is just a continuation of puritan bullshit, and is unnatural.

    While it's true that the environment for having casual no-strings-attached sex is not great for women, it does not mean that humans stop needing sex and intimacy. And I'd argue that women actually benefit more from being intimate more than men do considering the benefical effects from oxytocin, reduced stress hormone etc. on the stronger hormonal biology of most women.

    Women's mental health is VERY sensitive to their endocrinological state. And sex has strong endocrinological effects.

    You can basically tell if a woman has regular sex by how she behaves, and most of those that do seem to "have it together" more than those that don't.

    Just my observations, though. And I'm male, so obvious limitations there.

  • Reply David Medley January 12, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Nice summary in the description

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